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You may want to think twice about using your laptop or smartphone on unsecured, free, public WiFi at restaurants and other locations.  There are hidden pitfalls which could affect you regardless of whether you use your computer or smartphone on public WiFi in Uniontown, Connellsville, Greensburg, Pittsburgh, or anywhere in the world.

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Ransomware has been all over the news this year. The latest ransomware targets in Pennsylvania and all over the US have included businesses, city government, police stations, and other municipalities.

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While it seems like a great idea to use the same password so you won’t forget it and not need to write it down, you really are just asking for trouble, because you are only one data breach away from hackers using your same password to hijack all of your accounts.

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Windows 7 will be end of life in just a few months, and that means no more security patches or other updates for your computer.

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Much like cancer, today’s ransomware attacks often go unnoticed during the initial stages of infection. But it’s too late once your systems are locked up and all your files are encrypted.

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Dust is an overlooked enemy of all electronics equipment.  It may seem harmless, but it acts like a blanket and can cause your equipment to run hotter, possibly overheat, and even fail catastrophically.

Don’t let dust kill your computer – click here to learn more!

Without backups your files are only one lightning strike or malware attack away from being lost for good!  Your computer can fail or become infected, and USB sticks can be lost or stolen easily.

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