Business Computers and Servers

Whether you operate a small mom-and-pop shop, law firm, doctor's office, hotel, car dealership, or other local business, your computers, servers, and other network equipment are essential to smooth operation.  What this requires is good equipment, knowing what best practices you should follow, and ensuring your investment in technology is completely protected.

We would be happy to support the equipment you have, as well as help you choose the best upgrades so you can maintain quality computers and servers for years to come.  No matter if it's Windows, Apple OS, Android, Linux, Chrome OS, or other devices, we can provide the support and maintenance required to keep you up and running!

And beyond computer and servers, we provide onsite and remote support, many backup solutions, and industry-standard computer and network security firewalls, antivirus software, and endpoint protection.


Business Computers and Servers

We would love to help you set up new computers or even revitalize older ones!  Whether it's a Windows server in need of an upgrade, or aging workstations which must be replaced, you can count on Apex IT!


Onsite and Remote IT Support Plans

What we want most is for your business or organization's technology to function flawlessly, and we can help you strive for that through our onsite, remote, phone, and email support plans!


Onsite and Offsite Secure Backups

There's nothing more important than your data, and there's nothing worse than losing it all.  Don't fall into the pitfall of "thinking" your files are backed up.  With Apex IT you'll know they are!


Computer and Network Security

Ransomware, wifi hacking, spam emails, credit card fraud, online scams - these are daily dangers, but we can beef up your computer and network security to make it much harder for you to fall prey.