Today we had a service call to repair a broken shortcut. This shortcut icon was supposed to open a folder full of files on a nearby computer. It stopped working this week, and there appears to be no clear explanation why.

But what if the computer with the files croaks?

We asked the client the same question. In this case, the client is interested in upgrading to a better solution!

We're talking about a network storage device, sometimes called a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. This handy piece of equipment is about the size of a small toaster, and is a great step in the right direction, especially if you aren't comfortable with cloud storage.

Each NAS features at least 2 mirrored hard drives, meaning all your files are replicated on both drives, and so if one fails physically, your files are not lost. Also, your NAS can be backed up to an external backup drive or even to various cloud file storage locations.

Cheaper than a server!

The best part about a NAS is the cost!  At about one-fifth the price, you can have peace of mind that your files are backed up properly and even in the event of physical desktop computer failure, you can know your files are safe.

Are you ready to upgrade and secure your files?

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